Neighbors' News

Neighbors’ News is a page intended for your use. When you want to congratulate someone, or remember a birthday, or let neighbors know that someone is ill or has died, you can let us know by going to the "Contact Us" page on the Highgate Website and send us your idea that way.

This page is not intended for buying or selling, but rather as a neighbor-to-neighbor communication, a way to let others know of things to be celebrated, acknowledged and even mourned.

Neighbor to Neighbor

9/24/16 - Funky Favorites - Name that Tune - Click Here 

3/21/2016 - Message from Rosalie Caggiano - Gift Basket for Fund Raiser - Click Here

Message From Rosalie Caggiano RE: Gift Basket - Hospice Fund Raise - Click Here

Message from Becky Paster  RE: Pickle Ball Social 16 Feb 2016 - Click Here

Nurses Description of a Heart Attack -
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Tip For Dog Owners -
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Loretta Fox has asked that we inform her if you hear of a death in the Highgate Community so that we can express our condolences. Loretta can be reached 

at 243-8954.