Handyman Repair Tips

Re-post Product Review LAVA TV Antenna - Click Here

Smoke Alarm Batteries - Click Here

Smoke Detector Replacement - Click Here

Rat Patrol - Rat Repellent Tip - Click Here

Mailbox Lettering: How to update or change -
Click Here

Plastic parts for repairing your mailbox: Currently (1/9/2019) we do not have a solution to this problem because vendors have changed. Stay tuned!

​Replacing the plastic clips that position the window screens - Click Here

Some Air Conditioning modifications for added convenience -
Click Here

Repair parts for your Moen faucets may be free -
Click Here

Repair parts for your Kwikset locks may be free -
Click Here

Tips on controlling roof rats -
Click Here

Rodent Fact Sheet -
Click Here

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